Posted by: A. Voter | April 17, 2008

sobbing into my latte…

Welcome to yet another blog by Brouhaha.

Starting on 1 May 2008, I will be providing short (and hopefully humorous) daily chronicles of the travails of living in Western society in the 21st century. May Day seemed an auspicious day to start it up, given that it is a holiday practically everywhere in the western world save – you guessed it – North America. Too communistic by half for these parts, apparently.

A bit about me: I’m a more or less permanent malcontent living in Toronto. Every day, I look around me and see at least one thing that drives little ol’ pinko me completely mad about our society today. And every evening, I go home and watch the news and throw (empty) beer bottles at the television screen.

At first, I thought that it was just me getting older and crankier. But no. We’re told to be afraid of everything by the media, Increasingly it seems to me that Western society is going straight to hell in a teacup.

Yes, that’s right – a teacup, not a handbasket.

(But what about the handbasket, anyway? I must confess that I’ve never been quite sure what a “handbasket” is. Plus, baskets in general, being made of wicker, burn quickly. The teacup, by comparison, is made to withstand a lot of heat. But one not-so-fine day, it could crack completely…

I’m afraid the cracks are already starting to show. Sigh.)

So, hell in a teacup it is – or rather, hell in a enviro-friendly cardboard serving of medium roast, half decaf half full strength and that’s SOY milk, please, just a touch, from [insert name of closest high end fuzzy and warm feel good coffee house chain shop where the workers are given fancy Eurotitles in lieu of a decent paycheque]. Sorry… what size, did you ask? Well, a Ventiuno, of course!

And in case you actually believed it was cold in hell, it’s not. It’s hot hot hot… and it stinks of soured latte.

Hope to see you back on or before 1 May – and please feel free to get cranky right along with me by commenting or dropping me a line!



  1. Oh, my. What a sour attitude.

    I like it!

    But then, I always was a bit of a cynic.

    Seriously, though. Sharp start.

  2. I’m really looking forward to this blog! Much more my style than the knitting. *S* Only cause I don’t knit, you understand; I LOVE seeing all the beautiful work you do.

  3. Thanks to both of you… and yes, my attitude is well soured. To think I used to be a pollyanna type when… um, er… well, I can’t really remember that far back. 🙂

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