Posted by: A. Voter | May 2, 2008

the solution to the bullying problem


Why is it that I cannot turn on the evening news these days without being subjected to yet another story about bullying?

Statistics about bullying.  Studies about bullying.  Parents whingeing about their kids being bullied (usually with said kid hanging behind in the background, looking humiliated.  And wouldn’t you, if your mother dragged you on to national television and told everyone what a little weakling you were?!

Being in the 21st century and all, it seems that “virtual bullying” has become all the rage – kids being sent mean messages on Facebook or their cellphones.  And just what are these kids doing accessing text messages while at school anyway? When I was at school, we weren’t even allowed to chew gum, let alone play with electronic gadgets.

(By the way, is there anything else one can call someone who is being picked on at school other than a “victim”?  Would it be a “bullee”?  Hmm.)

Now, given all the emphasis on it, you’d think this was a new problem.  Is it, hell! It just seems that the approach to dealing with it is new – encouraging one’s children to become weak whiners who can’t stand up to any form of negativity.  And just what are these children going to do when they become adults and can’t hide behind Mommy’s skirts anymore?

Why, buy a self-help book of course! 


Man alive.  Even the adults are whining these days.  So, when my boss asks me why I’m late finishing a project, do I get to make a complaint against her for “bullying me” and not being sympathetic to me?

Or, maybe I’ll just sue her – just like one university teaching assistant recently who filed suit against her students for criticizing her in course feedbacks and not listening to her.

(I should note that the lawsuit was eventually dropped. So, there must be some sensible people out there at least.)

But we haven’t lost the War Against Bullying quite yet.  I do hope that the school boards and politicians are reading this blog as I have a solution which will save them millions of dollars and lots of time.  

Educational videos!!!

Well?  Did you ever see Sylvester get the better of Tweety?

Didn’t Elmer Fudd always end up looking like a complete @$$?

And we all know what ended up happening to Wile E. Coyote…

In my view, these videos, accessible to all age levels, teach valuable lessons – if you bully, you will get a 10,000 lb weight dropped on your head or suffer other nasty fates.  Pretty powerful stuff. 

Bullies.  If you can’t beat ’em, mock ’em. 



  1. Sorry – sometimes kids get seriously hurt with that bullying shit. Some get so hurt they kill themselves. That’s too damn permanent for me. I say beat the shit out of the bulliers – oh yeah, that’s probably what’s ALREADY happening to them at home! Hmmmm, seems we have a problem, Houston….

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